Transitioning to Your Fall Wardrobe: Five Quick Tips to Revamp Your Closet

I’m not the biggest fan of the colder temperatures but I love fall clothing; scarves, jackets, boots.  I love it all!  The change in season also provides a much needed opportunity to declutter my closet.  This in turn helps improve my morning routine.  I know what I have, where everything is located and items I’m … Keep Reading »

Stress-Free Travel: An Oxymoron?

I like to think I know a thing or two about travel. Living in six countries gives a person a little confidence and a laissez-faire attitude to the whole experience. More often than not I am the last to board a flight (see tip #7 for reason why) and can be found casually sauntering to … Keep Reading »

How to Organize Your TV Show Binge Watching

It wasn’t too long ago I used to lament the quality of TV. There was so little on of interest. I seemed to be stuck in an endless cycle of Big Bang Theory re-runs. Not today. Today I face a different dilemma. What to watch next? The choices are endless. Amazon Originals, Netflix, Hulu, regular … Keep Reading »

How Much is Enough?

At The Organizing Professionals we love the variety in our chosen profession. One day we’re helping a client move into their new home, the next we’re organizing a closet. But without fail, every week we’re helping a client declutter. Some may wonder why a person needs professional help to declutter but as one of our … Keep Reading »

Valentine’s Edition – Love When You Live with A Messy

Love is in the air. Hearts, flowers, candy, cards. Valentine’s Day – A day (or at least two months according to the stores) to celebrate your love for those closest to you. Sadly, we often spend more time focused on the shortfalls of those we live with instead of appreciating their awesome personal qualities. This … Keep Reading »