Click Here to Find the Motivation You Need to Get Organized in 2024!

Dieting, working out, and getting more organized continually top the list of New Year’s resolutions. All three, however, typically fall by the wayside by February. I have no hard science behind this, but my theory is these three tend to be the hardest to consistently maintain. There’s no shortage of advice out there but have … Keep Reading »

Why You Absolutely, Emphatically Need a Home Inventory

In December 2021, I took my daughters on a belated, celebratory college graduation trip to Maui. It was the trip of a lifetime. We experienced our first Luau on Lahaina beach, took a sunset cruise from the harbor, and on other evenings ate at one of the many lovely restaurants along Front Street close to … Keep Reading »

My Foolproof Strategy for Decluttering With Kids (Even Adult Kids)

We are currently undergoing renovation of our primary bedroom and bathroom. This required us to move everything from our bedroom into one of our daughters’ bedrooms. This particular daughter now in her mid-twenties, conveniently left home earlier this year.  Adult kids, however, rarely take 100% of their worldly possessions with them. Said daughter’s room looked exactly like … Keep Reading »

Are You Properly Storing Your Clothes In The Off-Season?

Last week I finally got around to ‘swapping out my closets’. The great thing about having small closets (I tell myself) is that it forces me twice a year to go through my clothes. I donate what I no longer wear to The Wardrobe, take all my winter clothes out of my bedroom closet, transfer them … Keep Reading »

Avoid These Five Most Common Mistakes Before You Move

Moving season is upon us. ‘For Sale’ signs are up, open houses are in full swing, and my local UHaul is busier than ever. According to many sources, moving is one of the most stressful life events we will experience. These five tips, however, will help alleviate much of the stress. If you live in … Keep Reading »

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