Testimonials for Our Professional Organizers

It went wonderfully! Ann is amazing.. could not love working with her more! I’m pretty sure that in all of the years that I’ve had “help” organizing, I’ve never felt less judged! Lol that honestly helps immensely, especially when you’re already embarrassed about your clutter. I can’t wait to have her come back a few more times to get alllll of my craziness under control. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I found your company online and decided to go for it. I already feel so much better and it was just one session. Lisa B – Aston, PA

Janet, your presentation was wonderful! We had a big crowd and the audience was engaged, laughing and asking really good questions. Plus you shared some really great strategies. My favorite is “less is more”!! Thanks for your no nonsense but compassionate style; one that was entirely relatable by our group. All in all, a really successful night! Thanks for helping our ADHD community.
Sheila G – Chester County Mainline CHADD

Ann was amazing! We had great rapport and she is a consummate professional and a master of her trade. I look forward to working with her on additional projects.
Melanie R – Wynnewood, PA

Session went a lot smoother than I had expected, Elizabeth is (really) good. She was careful not to hurt my feelings or embarrass; totally non-judgemental. We manage to do one dresser although it might not seem like a lot we managed to get it organized can’t believe the stuff I threw away, more importantly I can’t believe I let Elizabeth convince me to let the stuff go.
Roman C – Philadelphia, PA

Ann is spectacular! We worked together intensively for three hours and the outcome has exceeded my hopes and expectations. My husband, our friend and I loved the teamwork with Ann and we couldn’t have been happier with the process and the results.
Ann is perfect! When we’re ready for the next round, I’ll definitely be in touch and meanwhile I’ll spread the word to friends. You guys are outstanding
Abby S – Lower Merion, PA

Elizabeth is an invaluable resource to us at this time. She is resourceful, thoughtful, highly effective at her work and delegates decision making to Peter in a way that is very respectful and helpful. We are overjoyed! It has exceeded our expectations.
Peter D & Molly S – Philadelphia, PA

I turned to the Organizing Professionals because though I felt my house was clean and neat, the storage situation was very difficult to get my arms around. My family and I could never find seasonal items, the right baseball mitt, the sleeping bag, etc. I have 3 children and 3 pets and I lacked the time and motivation to thoroughly go through my garage, my mudroom and kitchen and remove the items that were no longer needed and organize the items I did. Ann and her team brought a fresh perspective and had creative storage ideas and motivated me to get rid of things I was holding on to. All the rooms they worked on are streamlined and precise – they were cheerful and professional and I cannot wait for them to get to the rest of my home! You guys are like potato chips! Love you guys!
Julie M – Philadelphia, PA

The sessions with Ann went really well. We got a lot accomplished and the session motivated me to continue to do more de-cluttering on my own. Ann was a pleasure to work with. She never judged me for anything I kept or continued to want to keep. But we did manage to get rid of a lot of stuff, which was great! I will definitely reach out and request Ann should I need more help in the future.
Ann W – Philadelphia, PA

What an enormous difference my sessions with Elizabeth made in my quality of life! She knew instinctively how to organize the mess in my house that was so overwhelming to me. Elizabeth is one of a kind… What a caring, thoughtful, and interesting person! Not only did I admire her organizing skills, I also enjoyed spending time with her. Because staying organized is not my forte, she was almost like a coach for me. Very inspiring! Since the sessions, I have been able to keep up with the myriad of mundane tasks that I tend to let pile up. I told all of my colleagues at work (many of whom are very busy young parents) how the investment in your services was worth every penny! Thank you very much for connecting me with Elizabeth and her talents! I will certainly call on you again in the future.
Lyn C – Philadelphia, PA

It was the most amazing experience and I still cannot believe how much got done in such a short amount of time. The help was unbelievable and it went beyond my wildest dreams. I truly could not have done it without The Organizing Professionals. In all of my many other moves I had been left by the movers with mountains of boxes and miles of paper. Not this time. This time when the move was done it was because I was moved in, along with my children, husband, and beloved dog. Just thank you so so so much for everything.
Katie – Bryn Mawr, PA

Everything was great! Jill and Anne were phenomenal and I can’t imagine being so well setup without them. My daughter even hugged Jill goodbye! You have some wonderful team members!  Your professionalism and ability to step in and help us with a big life change is very much appreciated. More than you know!
Akshata P. – Philadelphia, PA

The move went well.  I nearly had a nervous breakdown over all the craziness of the day and looking at all the boxes to unpack on Friday night. Then Ann came to the rescue on Saturday, what a lifesaver! She accomplished in two days what would have taken me months and it wouldn’t have looked nearly as beautiful as it is now. She will be back later in the week to finish up dividers and some accessories from The Container Store.  It’s the best investment I’ve spent in a long time.  I’m exhausted but hopefully I can enjoy my organized new home.
Karen D. – Paoli, PA

The team was great! Truly miracle workers, I can’t believe how much we got done in 2 days. Everything looks amazing, and I can’t imagine how I would have done it all without Jill, Tina, and Ann’s help. Thank you for everything!
Sarah R. – King of Prussia, PA

A big thank you to Bridget J. and Ann K. for being so accommodating of our time frame and plan for our home office organizing. Ann joined us for a one-day home office organizing project and it meant leaps and bounds for our lives. My fiancée and I are in our early 30’s and we moved in together one year ago. We still had a ton of things to go through, organize, set up, and hang up in order to merge two separate adult lives- and we got stuck! We were so busy with our social lives and wedding planning that the office became a catch-all. After months of avoiding our home office, which is tiny and we are lucky to have in a South Philly row home, we searched the Internet for a reputable home organizer after a testimonial about a home organizer on the “40 bags in 40 days challenge” Facebook page. This was never something we would have thought to do, and are generally not people who contract out work around our house that we could do ourselves. We recognized that we couldn’t organize this big of a project and we are so glad we reached out for their help! There were so many things that Ann taught us in just a few hours. Our home office looked and functioned 100% better by the end of one long day. Jen and I were inspired to take our organizing a couple of steps further to make the office even more usable and functional in the ways that we want. We have also taken some of Ann’s recommendations for organizing our linen and toiletry storage cabinets and made that our project last week. We have more quickly gone through clutter that has come in since she was here in March and have further streamlined some areas that we had organized together. We have also made a few purchases, including deeper baskets for deeper shelves and a “take action” basket for each of us, at Ann’s recommendation. The best parts of having Ann here with us to help with this project were her expertise in handling situations where we had no rhyme or reason for why something lived in the spot it was living before- which in every case she challenged us to question where and how we would use something, and then the answer of “where to put it” fell more naturally in line.. And her enthusiasm and assurance that this project would work out and our lives would become organized. That meant a ton to us and we have now had plenty of time away from our office project to spend together and work on our wedding planning! I have already recommended personally to two different people that do use their services and I recommend it to anyone else who is considering a home organizer. We will definitely have them back!
Kerri F. – South Philadelphia, PA

I can’t tell you how amazing the whole team was. Ann was so organized and efficient and they all really paid attention to what I wanted, filled in when it wasn’t clear, and everything they did made so much sense. There were days when I almost cried because they just took care of everything I needed.  I just want to let you and Janet know that this has been an unbelievable experience, I truly don’t know what I would have done without it. You literally saved me and launched me into my new home and life. I’m so happy in my new house, and I attribute so much of that to the work they did.
Suzanne S. – Center City Philadelphia, PA

I’m delighted to offer my strongest endorsement of The Organizing Professionals, who have recently helped me (and my active family of 6) in our move to a newly renovated Center City home. During a very busy time of year, and with very little lead time, the Pros jumped in and helped me with every aspect of our family’s move. In preparation for the move, they spent days with me in the family archives (aka the basement!), sorting, tossing, donating, and packing. They made it fun! Really!
Then, on move-in day, the house unexpectedly still had a huge amount of construction dust–in every cabinet and corner. It was a bit daunting. However, the Pros swooped in–ready and willing–with all necessary cleaning supplies and the best can-do attitudes imaginable. They turned a real bummer into a team effort. Many of us cleaned together, and together we turned a townhouse-sized dust storm into a calm, clean zone, ready to greet the movers when the trucks pulled up at lunchtime.
Then, the Pros set about making the house a home, by setting up the kitchen and closets and bookshelves and bedrooms and bathrooms. They’ve since come back to organize photos and letters (and other items), making a plan for how to create meaningful keepsakes out of the contents of many Rubbermaid bins of memorabilia.
I don’t want these wonderful women to leave our house and our project. I am so happy to have found them. Each and every one of them is warm, nonjudgmental, laser-focused on the task at hand, and effective. They are ALL ACTION, all the time. (Everything they promise to do, they do. We had been disappointed on this project by another vendor who promised–and charged–so much while delivering so little.)
Among the many investments we’ve made in this home, and the many truly rewarding and wonderful relationships we have formed along the way, I feel that our investment in working with The Organizing Professionals was money well-spent. Janet and her awesome team have contributed substantially to creating an inviting, comfortable, and smoothly operating home. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you next week for our next installation!
Carolyn C. – Philadelphia, PA

We had a great experience with Jill– our master closet is now the cleanest room in the house! My husband was inspired to declutter our kids’ toy room as well– it was great. Thanks!
Elizabeth S. – Audubon, PA

Ann was a pleasure to work with. I can not thank you enough for sending her to help me with organizing my home. I am looking forward to having Ann back to help with more projects.
Mariann M. – Manayunk, PA

A HUGE thank you from me.  Without your help, I would be absolutely paralyzed with fear and overwhelmed.  Luckily I am not thanks to all of your hard work and dedication to the project in our home.  Plus you ladies are so fun to have around!
Christine M. – Haverford, PA

Thank you so much again. Your guidance, creativity, and motivation have been so transformative for me and so appreciated.
Merrie E. – Newtown, PA

I would give Ann and Jill 10 stars – they were amazing. They brought order out of chaos – I’m not kidding. Friendly, funny, and above all efficient. While we were chatting away, Ann would be loading books on my shelves and sorting out my spice jars. Jill got my cantankerous husband laughing – and moving. They had great ideas about how to do things; e.g., putting all the spice jars in two drawers instead of stuffed in a cabinet. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that this was money very well spent. We are both much happier.
Charles D. – Philadelphia, PA

I used The Organizing Professional for the back end (unpacking, sorting and organizing) of a large scale move and renovation project.
Their services were invaluable to me. They organized our kitchen, clothing closets, linen closets, office, toys, garage and attic (sentimental/seasonal items). The Organizing Professional set us up to live more efficiently so we could get on with our daily lives.
The end result of their organizing is so highly beneficial because everything is now streamlined– we can find everything that we use easily and everyone knows where to find it!
I highly recommend Janet and her team. What makes them special organizers are their years of experience, insights and diligence when it is time to get the job done!
Julieann S. – Newtown Square, PA

There are no words to express how HAPPY I am with the results from working with Janet and her team of Organizing gurus!!! From the consultation to them walking out the door….the entire experience was amazing! I highly recommend them to all….whether you just need a closet organized or the entire house. They will get it done, you will be amazed and like, me, wonder why you didn’t call them sooner! Thanks Janet and Team!
Patrice B. – Quakertown, PA

Janet and her team were AMAZING! I am not sure that I have ever said that I had a stress-free move, but this was as close to stress-free as possible. Janet’s team accomplished all the nitty-gritty for me – change of address, PECO, AQUA, hiring movers, etc. in advance of the move. Then, they packed my house beautifully, and unpacked and organized after the move. Even the moving crew was impressed and happy with the way things were organized – they remarked several times at how well everything had been staged for the move. And, face it – when have you ever received compliments from a moving crew???
My new home is a symphony of order and elegance thanks to Janet and her team. This was the smoothest and most pleasant operation possible, and within 3 days of my move – I am in an entirely unpacked and organized home. Janet also helped me purge the clutter, and I am looking forward to working with her to design a functional and gorgeous master suite closet / dressing room.
Whether you need help with organizing an existing house, downsizing, moving, or tweaking what you already have – HIRE JANET NOW – she and her entire team are FABULOUS!
Juli M. – West Chester, PA

Working with Janet has been a wonderful experience in every way. She helped me go through years of paperwork and devise a system that works for me to take care of our finances after 40 years of leaving it to my husband. His health has changed, and I am taking it all over, in addition to working and trying to declutter our house.
I simply could not have done this without Janet’s steady help and organizing genius! She has helped me organize my office and our house.
When we need to move, I will call her to help, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming anymore as our house is in much better order.
She is pleasant and encouraging, and eases the difficulty of getting rid of unused items. I couldn’t recommend her and her organization any more highly.
Sue M. – Wayne, PA

My husband and I cannot thank you and your team enough for the amazing transformation of our kids’ playroom. It was so wonderful watching their excitement over having an organized space to play with the toys, especially now that they can appreciate what is actually there! Thank you, thank you!
Liz B. – Wayne, PA

Janet Bernstein takes decluttering and organizing to the ultimate level. Janet creates efficient, customized and maintainable strategies for each client. She is a pleasure to work with and I am thrilled with the outcome of our projects.
Nicole DS – Medical Aesthetician, Villanova, PA

Janet Bernstein has provided extraordinary assistance to our company, the Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF). Several staff were in need of organizing help. Not only did Janet provide that help to get the staff organized, she taught staff and installed systems to keep those staff organized. Our company is much more efficient now. I have invited Janet back several times. I highly recommend her.
John Rowe – Executive Director, UESF, Philadelphia

Janet is an absolute pleasure and incredibly easy to work with, she has helped me clear out my office (which was a total mess), closets and spaces that were jam packed, where if I could get the door closed I wouldn’t normally have to deal with it. She has helped me organize to the point that now I can find things and I know where they should go. I can’t express how much it eases the brain and brings peace as well. It amazes me to see how much we get done in a visit, and working with her makes it all painless. I can’t recommend her enough!
Dean B. – Production Designer, Glenside, PA

I have known and worked with Janet Bernstein for many years. I regard her a consummate professional. Janet is superb at dealing with clutter, be it the ordinary type or the pathological variety. She is a master at helping people organize their space and time without attempting to impose on them a scheme that might not be suitable for their particular personality. You can trust her to put a client’s interests above her own and to respect a client’s confidentiality as if it was her own.
Alan J. Ominsky MD. – Certified, American Board of Psychiatry

Janet, you have made my life so easy to deal with day to day by having my files in order. Thank you so much.
Michele Thomas – Program Director Utility Emergency Services Fund, Philadelphia, PA

Janet, you may remember our son Brandon. It was years now when Brandon was in 9th grade. He now is a freshman in college in Florida. He is interested in law school and one of the most organized in our family! I attribute the skills you shared with Brandon years earlier that has now put him on the path to life’s success. Thank you for your kindness and gentle approach that helped Brandon.
Amy S, Ed.D, – Malvern, PA

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my closet. You have changed my life. The daily stress over what to wear is gone now that I can see all my clothes. And putting clothes away is a breeze. I can’t thank you enough for giving me back so many wasted hours. Can’t wait to see what tips you have for my kitchen!
Cathy A. – Homemaker, Bluebell, PA

The organization in the office and closet has literally changed my life. I consistently put my clothes away in the drawers and both the closet and the desk look just as organized as the day we worked on them. I honestly can’t believe how easy it’s been for me to maintain when everything has a place and a system.
Tiffany L. – Medical Student, Philadelphia

Janet managed to help us do more in four hours than we’d managed to do in the eight months since we bought our house. We have so much more space in our kitchen than we ever realized!
Jillian I. – Account Executive, Philadelphia, PA

“When telling the story of the successful organization of all my hoarding drawers, I tell folks that one of Janet’s guidelines to me was that the question was not “if something is usable, but if I use it”. Then we all stare at each other like it is the deepest thing we’ve ever heard.
Karen S. – Psychotherapist, Glenside, PA

Janet was very helpful and professional. She worked with me to organize my home office, and get things into place, not just that day, but for a system that would continue to keep things neater. She was personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services!
Emily G. – Event Coordinator, Southampton, PA

I gave myself a gift after finishing six years of graduate school and I hired Janet Bernstein to help me organize my home. Right from the beginning, I felt comfortable with Janet who is completely non-judgmental, has a great sense of humor and is genuinely excited to help create systems of order in peoples’ homes. Janet helped me set up a filing system out of my paper chaos that now enables me to actually use the information I obtained during rabbinical school, and have access to it in a user-friendly way. I enjoyed our sessions, which is no small feat since I had been avoiding organizing for years. Janet de-mystified the work of organizing and I now have more confidence to do it on my own. I highly recommend Janet Bernstein as a warm, professional, reliable organizer.
D. M. – Rabbi, Germantown, PA

Janet helped me see my home through another person’s eyes. She encouraged me to realize that organization was something my family can attain, and worked patiently with me to achieve it. Working with Janet has inspired me and changed me. As a result, I have far more usable space. What’s more, I have a clearer vision going forward. I would definitely hire Janet again for more organizational assistance.
Julie P. – Social Media, Exton, PA

I hired Janet to help me and my husband organize a study and other storage in our home. We have accomplished a great deal with her help and insights. In all, she has helped us with storage and arrangement for books, financial records, supplies, pictures, computer equipment, research materials, travel materials, etc. Janet’s great strength as an organizer is her ability to see the bigger picture of where things ultimately should be and to guide you so that, in the end, what you have done is your own and maintainable. She also has a good aesthetic sense, so that things look great as well as neat. She has been very sensitive to our interests and needs and we have learned a great deal in the process. We continue to admire her understanding of what an organized space looks like and what are the underlying principles. She is great to work with, very personable and a good sense of humor. She is also very trustworthy, which is important in a service like this one. We have been extremely pleased with the results we’ve achieved in working with Janet and I would not hesitate to recommend her very strongly as a professional organizer.
Elaine S. – Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Janet came to my house to help me get organized. I have an overwhelmingly large house and a lot of clutter. She gave me tips and furniture concepts to help me start to tackle the problem. She gave me enough help and support that I am still implementing weeks after our meeting. I found Janet very easy going and easy to talk to and express my concerns. Anyone who works with Janet will appreciate her expertise. I can’t wait to work with her again soon.
Cynthia K. – IT Project Manager, University City, PA

Janet is a very knowledgeable and solution-ready personal organization expert. She helped me to re-organize my apartment and work agenda so that I could better handle a very busy schedule. She showed me time management strategies that fit best with my personality and because of this I have been able to implement the plan we made together to create a more organized and efficient life. I would definitely recommend Janet. She is extremely personable and professional.
Michelle M. – Graduate Student, Philadelphia, PA

Janet has helped me to organize several rooms in my house, providing excellent service at reasonable cost. She gently yet efficiently brings order out of any chaos. I have found it a joy to work alongside Janet. Her questions and suggestions always help to clarify my purpose so that, by the time she leaves, some area of my house not only looks better but also works better. She is a very hard worker but her pleasant manner makes it all seem quite effortless.
Susan H. – Professor, Villanova, PA