Moving Services

Philadelphia’s White Glove Professional Moving Specialists

We take the hassle out of moving so you can get on with lifeAnnes & Brian Packing

Our Move and Relocation Services Include:

  • Developing a personalized moving timeline and plan
  • Decluttering and rightsizing prior to your move
  • Closet and storage design
  • Careful, professional packing
  • Coordination and supervision of movers
  • Complete unpacking
  • Organizing your home for lasting success


Prior to Your Move

Moving is the optimal time to get organized. An uncluttered, organized home shows better and sells faster.

Our experienced team of Organizers can help you declutter and edit your belongings before you put your home on the market.
Whether you want to sell, consign, donate or recycle, we know who takes what and will arrange for speedy pick up.
We strategize with you to develop and implement a personalized timeline and to-do list for your move.
By taking inventory of your belongings we are uniquely able to design the closets and storage areas in your new home around what you own. The results? Closets and storage areas that stay organized!
Our team of expert professional packers ensure that all your belongings are carefully packed and boxes are clearly labeled. We can also photograph and create digital inventory of your belongings.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we deliver and rent out gently used boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper to our clients at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new supplies.

Moving Day

We take the stress out of your move. Need to work, play a round of golf, travel out of town? No worries, we can oversee every aspect on moving day.

We direct and supervise your movers so that furniture and boxes are placed in the precise location.
We can pre-pack your jewelry, prescriptions and important documents to be delivered personally.
We begin unpacking boxes and setting up your new home in order of priority as soon as the boxes are carried off the truck.

After Moving Day

While some moving companies will unpack your boxes and place your belongings on top of counters and dressers, we take your move to the next level. The Organizing Professionals® understand the peace of mind that comes from moving into a beautifully organized home.

We unpack, set up and organize your home with you and your family in mind. By listening to your needs, we bring order to your home with systems that are easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.
Over a decade of experience has taught us which organizing supplies help maintain order. We make recommendations and can even shop for supplies.