Virtual Organizing

What is Virtual Organizing?

When client and professional organizer can’t meet in person, virtual organizing provides an excellent alternative.  All you need is a cell phone or tablet with access to either FaceTime or Skype. You need to be physically able to do the organizing or have someone with you who can do the physical work.

How Virtual Organizing Works

  • We begin with a phone call to discuss which area you’d like to tackle. (We recommend an easy area to start in order to build your confidence!) We then schedule a 50 minute minimum virtual organizing session with one of our team. We will send you a list of items to have on hand so you come to your session fully prepared.
  • After your initial introduction with your professional organizer, you flip your camera around to show us the area in need of organizing.
  • We give you step by step instructions on how to organize. Just like an in-person session, we begin by decluttering. What do you no longer need? What can be donated? What can be recycled? We function as a sounding board or personal trainer keeping you on task and motivated.  It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in one session!
  • At the end of the session, we follow up with an email listing your next steps, homework items and links to organizing supplies that would improve the organization of your space if needed.
  • Need help creating a routine for yourself or your family? We can virtually help with this too by scheduling a time management coaching session.

During this current global crisis, it’s important for our emotional well-being to focus on what you can control, not matter how small—not on what you cannot. Gaining control or our home environment brings a sense of peace, satisfaction, and even joy!

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Take a sneak peak at how a virtual organizing session works here!


“I was dubious that organizing with Janet on face time would be useful, but must admit that I tackled and vastly improved my office closet with her remote help!I turned my phone around so that she was facing the closet and followed her guidance about where I needed to look: inside files or boxes and what papers  I needed to save or recycle.  We ended the hour with me having started and made considerable progress with a project which I wouldn’t have done on my own. It works!”

Sue M. | Wayne, PA

I really enjoyed my virtual pantry organization session with Elizabeth!. Elizabeth REALLY tried to get to know how I like things in my home & how I wanted it to look in the end. She made everything easy to understand & easy to complete on my own when I finish organizing the space. A lot of her guidance can also be used in multiple other areas of my home…kind of like organizing “guidelines”.  I think that is SO helpful!! I’m overall VERY pleased with how it went. She asked for pictures of the pantry beforehand & that really helped her be prepared & have an idea of what she was working with to help cut down on the call time. She sent over her storage suggestions by email (with shopping links) the day after our virtual session. I can’t wait to get my bins in & take some “after” pictures!

Rayne H. | Alabama