How We Work

work - Anne & Brian Bringing SuppliesWe recognize it may take courage to contact us and that by reaching out you are ready to learn new organizing skills that will transform your life, home, and work environment. We answer customer calls and emails as quickly as possible and speak with every client on the phone; listening is an integral part of our initial assessment. This initial interview leads to the first phase: the consultation process.

Step One: Consultation

We schedule a complimentary one-hour on-site consultation to better determine each client’s needs and expectations. While some individuals ask for a single closet or room to be organized, others require our services to completely declutter and implement a sustainable organizing system. Our extensive training and experience gives us the ability to understand clients’ individual requirements. Clients discuss how they utilize each area, what they would like to change, and any other questions regarding the organizing task. We then schedule one or multiple sessions in blocks of either 3 or 4 hours.

Step Two: Collaboration

Working one-on-one with our clients, we begin with the decluttering phase. From years of experience and training we understand how difficult this phase can be for some clients. We provide a patient, non-judgmental, yet firm approach to decluttering. By letting go of the excess and retaining only the items you truly love, need, and use, we then create organizing systems to meet the needs of you, your family, or your business.

Step Three: Complete Transformation

Creating beautifully organized spaces is only part of our job. Our main goal is transferring our organizing skills to you. Throughout the organizing process, we share our tips, tricks, and secrets so you too will be able to maintain your completely transformed space!

Each member of the The Organizing Professionals team brings to the table years of experience, multiple skill-sets, and well-rounded training. Experience the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with a clutter-free and organized home or office space. Contact the The Organizing Professionals team of professional organizers in Philadelphia today, and start your journey to a happier, less stressed, and more productive life.