Organized at Work

Our team of professional business organizers will lead you and your associates through a concise operational strategy to de-clutter your business office, your paper and your digital files, and get you organized at work.Elizabeth Sort Papers with Client

We begin the organizing process by listening to your team’s unique needs and challenges. We then maximize your office space by decluttering the physical items you and your team no longer want, need, or use. Next we strategize together then organize your office so items are easily located. The result? A complete transformation of your office which will facilitate increased productivity and efficiency. With our help, your office will be streamlined and methodically organized.

Click the sections below to learn more about our areas of expertise:

Are your files crammed with outdated documents? Are you wasting precious time searching for misfiled papers? By implementing a filing system uniquely designed for your company, our team will teach your employees to file correctly and locate any piece of paper in ten seconds or less, guaranteed! Proper paper management ensures that every document has a designated location, increasing your organization’s efficiency and ensuring the bottom line.

Is your office space a complex system of leaning piles of paper, used coffee cups, and ink-less pens, buried under your dying plant? Whether it’s a single workstation or the entire office, our team works with you and your employees to implement a plan uniquely designed to meet your needs. We watch the work habits of your personnel and ask questions about their typical day to determine where time and energy are mismanaged. Once a strategy has been agreed upon, we work with you and your team to remove the obstacles that slow efficiency. Remember, a client’s first impression of your office may mean the difference between a single visit or return business.

Does your network connection and processor speed seem a bit slow lately? With the help of our team, your technological devices will be functioning at top speed and organized to perfection. Our team of organizing and IT experts work with your business to create an organizing plan to keep your entire office looking and running smoothly. We also provide guidance for ideal placement of electronic equipment, printer hookups, device sync, and paperless file organization.

Takes up both precious physical and mental space. Our goal is to instill a sense of calm to your business with expertly planned and implemented organizing methods and techniques. With the help of our team, your space will stay clutter-free facilitating a work environment that promotes creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

Tired of searching for ten minutes to find a highlighter or box of paperclips? Employees are more productive when they have the tools to work effectively. We declutter your storage area and ensure you maintain order. Stop struggling with restocking office supplies with a properly inventoried and organized storage area. Keep your stock current with our organizing plan.

Do you find the organization of your storage area to be both inconvenient and nonsensical? Your supplies will remain orderly with our plan for optimizing any storage area from a broom closet-sized area to an entire storage building. Working with your employees and inventory experts, we transform any area into an organized center where all goods are easy to locate and never out of stock.

Do some of your employees display symptoms of ADD or ADHD? Individuals with ADD and ADHD often have creative energies that cannot flourish in a cluttered environment. Removing all but the essentials from the workspace aids in devoting more energy to work-related projects. Take advantage of all your employees’ talents by organizing their work centers to meet their individual requirements.

Are members of your team struggling with time management, productivity and organization? While our team cannot add more hours to a standard day, we give your organization a set of tools specifically designed to utilize work hours more productively. Unlock the potential of your business with our time management courses and training.

Led by Certified Professional Organizer® Janet Bernstein, Janet tackles your group’s organizing challenges with specifically designed presentations. Whether your team needs help improving their time management, procrastination, or other organizing habits, Janet’s practical advice and down to earth British humor makes her a dynamic and engaging speaker. Janet has presented at the Philadelphia Home Show, corporate businesses, and various small groups.

We also encourage home-based businesses to explore the use of professional organizing to increase productivity. Whether you have a separate building on your home’s property, an office within your house, or a workstation in a spare bedroom, our team will expand your business by boosting efficiency. Set up a free consultation with our professional business organizers in Philadelphia. We look forward to helping your business succeed!