Are You Paperless or Paperful? – Baby Steps for the Not-so-Tech Savvy

Although several of us at The Organizing Professionals absolutely LOVE organizing paperwork we recognize we are the minority. For many of our clients, the constant onslaught of incoming mail and other papers increases stress and leaves them feeling overwhelmed. Where to begin? There are many articles on how to go paperless. Many share wonderfully helpful … Keep Reading »

Finding (and Maintaining) a Love Life When You Have ADHD

As an ADHD specialist, I frequently have the privilege of meeting couples where one partner has ADHD (or ADD). As they lead me on a tour of their home, it’s not infrequent that the spouse without ADD makes comments such as, “I don’t understand why she can’t keep this place tidy!” or “He’s attached to … Keep Reading »

How to Get Organized in 5 Minutes or Less! (Yes Really)

I’ve been reading some discouraging statistics recently regarding new years’ resolutions. Apparently 80% of resolutions fail by February. This makes complete sense. We tend to make grandiose goals and overcommit, hence the high failure rate. However, I firmly believe we can make giant strides in our lives by taking baby steps. Personally, I developed some … Keep Reading »

Feeling Harried This Holiday Season?

It’s the most wonderful time of year according to Andy Williams and The Hallmark channel. Yet, instead of much mistletoeing and your heart all glowing you are up to your ears in a frantic pace of shopping, wrapping, decorating and hosting. Have no fear, The Organizing Professionals are here spreading good cheer with our helpful … Keep Reading »

Are You Overcommitted?

Scenario #1 Rush, rush, rush. You’re always rushing from one activity to the next. When you get home, you’re exhausted. You throw your clothes on the floor or over the chair because you either don’t have enough time to put them away or there’s no longer space in your closet. You don’t have time to … Keep Reading »