The Organizing Professionals Top Five Organizing Products That Will Change Your Life!

Okay, so maybe they won’t completely change your life, but I hear you need a compelling title for folks to open a newsletter and it worked–You’re reading this! Seriously though, after more than a decade of transforming people’s homes, there are some items that really work, help maintain organization, and simply put a smile on your face … Keep Reading »

Can You Help The Wardrobe Clothe Afghan Refugees?

I have always loved fashion.  As a young teenager growing up in Northern England, I would save all my hard-earned cash from my waitressing jobs, buy a train ticket, and pop down to London to buy the latest styles on Oxford Street. Strutting around my hometown in my new togs (threads) filled me with excitement … Keep Reading »

focus woman packing suitcase on bed

Vacation Packing Tips for the Rusty

Last weekend I blew the dust off my suitcase for a two-night getaway in Washington DC to celebrate my daughter’s law school graduation.  It was our first trip anywhere since last fall and I admit it took me longer than usual to pack. I love traveling but I’m not so keen on packing.  Over the … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals

Seven Must-Do Steps for an Organized Move

Moving is life’s third most stressful event.  Whether you are moving across the country or across the street, moving consists of making thousands of decisions, typically within a short amount of time.  Throw in various personalities of your family members along with the physical exhaustion of packing and unpacking and it’s easy to understand why … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals

Mise-en-Place: The Fancy French Term We All Need to Live By

I don’t often jump on the new year’s resolution bandwagon, but this year, inspired by one of my clients, who is brushing up on a foreign language, I thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea, I’ll think 2021 will be the year I take my French out of the rusty zone.” So far, I’m halfway through … Keep Reading »