How Do You Know If You’re Too Sentimental? (Or… The Art of Letting Go)

We all have them; people in our lives who, when you confess your inner struggle about holding onto something that really needs to go, coldly state, “Just throw it out. Nobody is going to want that!” Those people are not reading this blog due to obvious reasons (the title).  The rest of you dear ones, … Keep Reading »

The One Organizing Mistake You Need to Avoid

Do you have a gargantuan organizing project you’ve been putting off because you don’t have time to do it? Don’t we all?  We tend to approach large projects as a task that needs to be accomplished when we have a large chunk of time. I am guilty of this mistake also, but not anymore!  Being … Keep Reading »

How to Organize Your Children’s School Papers

By Gyll Samson, Lead Professional Organizer, The Organizing Professionals® As parents, we all find the amount of paper that enters our home from our children’s school a bit overwhelming.  Some pieces are works of art, some celebrated first written words, some graded assignments or report cards, and some, well, we’re not sure what it is!  … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals Top Five Organizing Products That Will Change Your Life!

Okay, so maybe they won’t completely change your life, but I hear you need a compelling title for folks to open a newsletter and it worked–You’re reading this! Seriously though, after more than a decade of transforming people’s homes, there are some items that really work, help maintain organization, and simply put a smile on your face … Keep Reading »

Can You Help The Wardrobe Clothe Afghan Refugees?

I have always loved fashion.  As a young teenager growing up in Northern England, I would save all my hard-earned cash from my waitressing jobs, buy a train ticket, and pop down to London to buy the latest styles on Oxford Street. Strutting around my hometown in my new togs (threads) filled me with excitement … Keep Reading »