Match Made in Heaven: When Designers and Professional Organizers Collaborate

It should come as no surprise that The Container Store is my happy place. I can wax eloquent on the pros and cons of almost any item sold there. I know what works and what doesn’t. Put me in a home décor store, however, and I walk around in a confused daze. I am no longer operating in my ‘zone of genius’ to borrow a phrase from Michelle Gage, owner of Michelle Gage Interiors
Some of my favorite projects involve the collaboration between The Organizing Professionals® and local interior designers.

Edit Before Design: Suzy (not her real name) wants to decorate her home. She contacts her Designer who comes out to do a consult. There are boxes and bags crammed in all kinds of nooks and crannies. The Designer realizes Suzy’s first step is to do a thorough declutter before the project can begin. This is where we step in. The Organizing Professionals® work with Suzy on a thorough edit of the rooms she plans to decorate. Not only does this bring Suzy the peace of mind that comes from letting go of items she no longer loves, needs, and uses, she is able to make better decisions regarding the design and function of the space. Suzy and her Designer are now able to better focus on design that fits her needs.

Pack & Label: When the project is about to start, Suzy is able to get on with her busy life while we pack and label all the contents from each room. We can also create a detailed box inventory. So, if Suzy happens to need something packed during the project, she can easily locate it.

Post-Decoration and Installation: Here’s where the magic occurs. Suzy’s decoration project is complete and looks amazing, but she has neither the time, energy, nor organizing expertise to unpack and put away all those boxes. We return and take it one step further. Whether it’s a kitchen, closet, or bathroom (or anything in between!) every item is put away and perfectly organized. Clothes are categorized and hung on matching hangers in color order. We strategically organize kitchen items with systems that work for Suzy and how she functions in her kitchen. Effective collaboration with an interior designer means he or she has sourced the perfect dresser and/or credenza giving Suzy beautiful pieces that provide storage solutions. If organizing products are needed to corral items, we have the experience and knowledge as to what works. We shop, deliver, and install those products too.

While Suzy’s Designer focuses on creating a beautiful aesthetic, we look to maximize the space and concentrate on the function. Suzy benefits from both our unique skill sets. The result is a space that’s beautiful yet practical for everyday living.