Why You Absolutely, Emphatically Need a Home Inventory

In December 2021, I took my daughters on a belated, celebratory college graduation trip to Maui. It was the trip of a lifetime. We experienced our first Luau on Lahaina beach, took a sunset cruise from the harbor, and on other evenings ate at one of the many lovely restaurants along Front Street close to the ancient Banyan tree. The recent wildfire and almost complete destruction of that lovely town affected me on a deep level. Having been there personally, it’s hard to imagine that the town and so many lives are now lost.

While wildfires may not be a threat to those of us living in the northeast United States, we are not immune to other disasters. And yet most of us are not prepared for an emergency, whether it means leaving our home in a hurry (check out this link to be prepared with a ‘Go Bag’) or having the necessary documentation to file a claim should calamity happen to our home.

I have recently been working with a client creating a digital home inventory using Home Zada. Using the app version, we have been working our way through her home, taking both photos and videos of each room. Using the desktop version, we then add notes, descriptions, or supporting documents such as receipts for furniture, art, and appliances. We even add the make and color of paint in various rooms. With the paid version, there is also a place to add home maintenance records and renovation projects. My client’s goal, however, is to create a cloud-based record of all the items in her home in case of a worst-case scenario.

The process has been easy and enjoyable, and my client now has the peace of mind that she has all her ducks in a row should disaster strike. I just started working on my own account and I’m looking forward to feeling a great sense of accomplishment when it’s complete.  For most of us, these are the tasks we put off for a rainy day. Like digitizing photos and personal memorabilia, we convince ourselves we’ll get around to it later.  Would anyone, however, dispute that these items are the most important in a disaster? We frequently witness scenes on television of people scouring the ruins of their homes for family photos and precious documents.  All other items can be replaced.

If you have been postponing the task of creating your own home inventory and live in the greater Philadelphia area, give us a call. We can collaborate or even create the inventory for you. If you would like to create your own inventory, here’s the link to Home Zada*.  https://www.homezada.com/?afmc=ka

Did you know we also offer complete photo organizing and memorabilia digitizing services? Contact us at info@TheOrganizingProfessionals.com and let’s get that mental ‘to do’ item crossed off your list!

*We may receive a very small affiliate commission should you select one of the paid versions of Home Zada