Sage Organizing Tips Gleaned From Our Moms

Several years ago, just before my mother passed away, I called her from the US (she lived in England) to ask her whether she could find information regarding my UK bank account. “Just a minute,” she said. And in literally, less than a minute, she gave me the information I needed. That was one of … Keep Reading »

Minimalism and Maintenance: The Two Elements You Need to Get Organized in 2016

Minimalism and maintenance.  Neither word inspires warm fuzzy feelings yet in my ten years of organizing experience I can vouch that without these two ingredients, living an organized life is impossible.  Let’s start with minimalism: “Less is more.” This is a phrase I often use when meeting a potential client.  The less we have the … Keep Reading »

Taking Stock for the Holidays: Tips to Simplify and Save $ for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of year…for some.  A survey conducted by PR Newswire cites Christmas as the sixth most stressful life event.  Yikes. Naturally, as a professional organizer, I strongly believe that good organizing and planning greatly minimizes stress and enhances emotional well-being.  Here are six tips to help you find a little more … Keep Reading »

Six Organizing Tips to help you Host a Stress-free Thanksgiving

  So it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving. Excited yet completely anxious, stressed and overwhelmed? Here are six tips to help combat the stress: 1. Schedule a strategy meeting with yourself. This is where you make yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger if it’s after 5pm) and write down everything you need to do. This is … Keep Reading »

Janet Bernstein, CPO® Once Again Named Best of Philly® by Philadelphia Magazine!

This blog entry contains two pieces of exciting news: Janet Bernstein Organizers, LLC Renamed as The Organizing Professionals, LLC℠ As demand for my services outpaced availability, I decided earlier this year to hire and train a team of professional organizers. This team consists of Barbara Ball, a fellow Brit who joins the team with several years of … Keep Reading »