Three Quick & Clean Tips to Organize Your Closet

The Organizing Professionals

Spring has finally sprung and gives us the perfect opportunity to declutter and organize our closets. Take advantage of the change in seasons, set aside some time and follow these three quick tips that will transform your closet.

  1. Lose the shoe boxes! Shoe boxes are too big, take up too much space, and conceal the shoes so you forget what you have. Get a professional look on a budget by purchasing these stackable shoe shelves
  2. Sort your clothes closet by type and color. Take all the clothes out, donate or consign those you haven’t worn in at least a year, then put the remaining clothes back in type order; all pants together, all tops etc. Organize each type from dark to light. For the ultimate look, invest in matching hangers.
  3. Display your costume jewelry. Necklaces end up tangled when stuffed in drawers or hung together. Instead, install a rack of small hooks in your closet and hang each individual necklace and bracelet

Don’t have the time? Call us and schedule an organizing session or two. We love organizing closets!