Ten Spring Clean-Out Tips for Busy People

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You know what they say, “Give a task to a busy person because you know it will get done.” So maybe you don’t need to read my blog on time management but you’re still facing a very real spring cleaning issue; very little time and an overwhelming sense of dread. “Where do I start?”

1. Start with your closet. Clothes take up a lot of space so you can make a significant dent in organizing your closet in a small amount of time. Plus, it’s almost, dare I say it? Time to haul out your spring/summer wardrobe anyway.

2. Go through your clothes, assembling like with like, all pants together, all shirts together etc. Grouping like items together makes it easier to make decisions on what and what not to keep. If you didn’t wear it last season, there’s a reason why.

3. When holding up a questionable item of clothing, ask yourself the following, “If given the choice between this first questionable item and another similar item, would I ever choose this first item?” If the answer is no, it’s time to donate or consign it.

4. As you’re going through your clothes, make a list of pieces you need to replace or items you need. (If you keep this list in Evernote, you’ll have it with you during your next trip to the mall).

5. Once you’ve grouped like items together and eliminated items you no longer want, put everything back. For a complete professional look, hang clothing in color order on matching hangers. You’ll be astounded at the transformation!

6. Closet accomplished! Well done! What next? Now it’s time to tackle a project you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s the attic or the garage? As these areas are often not climate controlled, spring is the perfect time to plan your attack.

7. Let’s just assume that if you’ve been putting off this project, it’s quite substantial. Schedule at least a full day or weekend. If you give yourself more time than you need, you’ll feel a whole lot better completing it early than you will if it’s not completed within your allocated time-frame.

8. Rally the troops and find moral support. These larger jobs are often easier when you have emotional and physical help. Just be sure to stay focused on the task at hand.

9. Designate areas for “trash,” “donate,” and “keep.” Separate these areas at a considerable distance from each other to avoid later confusion on your decision-making.

10. Commit to making immediate decisions. Avoid the “let me decide on that later” mentality. This speeds up the process, feels more rewarding and boosts your energy.

Wishing you a very happy spring season. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help with any organizing project.

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