Six Organizing Tips to help you Host a Stress-free Thanksgiving

The Organizing Professionals


So it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving. Excited yet completely anxious, stressed and overwhelmed? Here are six tips to help combat the stress:

1. Schedule a strategy meeting with yourself. This is where you make yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger if it’s after 5pm) and write down everything you need to do. This is your main “To Do” list. Keep this list general such as:

  • Cook Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Prepare guest room

Writing “to do” lists helps empty the clutter of our minds onto paper (or computer).

2. Once you have identified each project, separate the tasks into manageable, smaller steps. For example, preparing the guest room may break down as follows:

  • Declutter room
  • Take donate items to Goodwill or schedule online pick-up
  • Organize room
  • Vacuum and dust
  • Change sheets

3. Next allocate times on your calendar for when you plan to accomplish each of these tasks. Here’s where pacing is essential. Giving yourself an hour on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to clean the guest room will only add incredible stress to your weekend. Instead, schedule as many steps well in advance as possible and give yourself more time than you think you need.

4. Compile your grocery shopping list by isle. First write a master list of each item needed. This is best done in your kitchen so you can check which items you already have in stock. Then re-write the list but categorize the items into the isles of your grocery store. This could shave at least thirty minutes off your grocery store run and prevent you from battling through the crowds in order to get back to the produce section for that one forgotten item.

5. Delegate. Assign everyone a task whether they ask to help or not. Many hands really do make light work. This minimizes the stress on you the host and allows your guests to feel included and part of the team.

6. Finally, focus on what’s really important. A day for friends and family to be together. Stressed out hosts can make their guests feel uncomfortable. Relax and enjoy.

Wishing you a very happy, peaceful Thanksgiving!

From all of us at The Organizing Professionals