The Secret to an Organized Holiday Season

The Organizing Professionals
It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, yet once again, you’re feeling stressed, over-whelmed, and already exhausted. The two vital keys to excellent organizing are planning and pacing.
Begin by creating a master list of everything you need to accomplish. For example, buy gifts, wrap gifts, decorate home, plan holiday dinner menu, organize guest room, etc.

Next create individual lists according to category.

  • Gift List
    • Mom – Gift certificate for home organizing
    • Sister – Gift certificate for closet makeover
  • Holiday Dinner Menu
    • Turkey
    • Stuffing:(bread, shallots, mushrooms etc.)
    • Dessert
  • Decorate
    • Fresh candles
    • Buy more lights
    • More ornaments
  • Organize Guest Room
    • Declutter closet
    • Schedule donation pickup
    • Put new comforter on bed
Once you have your lists you’ll have a more accurate picture of everything you need to do. The second key is pacing. Use either your digital calendar or a paper calendar and schedule days or time slots for each activity that needs to be done.

12/5 – Buy tree
12/6 – Decorate
12/7 – 6-9pm Go to Mall
12/8 – Order gifts online
12/10 – Begin wrapping gifts
12/12 – Declutter guest room

As you begin to add all of the items you need to accomplish on to your calendar, you’ll see the benefits of pacing yourself throughout December. We guarantee you’ll feel less stressed, more organized and ready to truly enjoy the season.Happy Holidays!