Janet Bernstein Named “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine

The Organizing Professionals

(Wayne, PA) – August 15, 2015. Following her second award for home organizing, locally-based Certified Professional Organizer has announced the expansion of new business, The Organizing Professionals®.

Following her second award (the first was in 2012) by Philadelphia Magazine this month as Best of Philly® “Home Organizer”, British-born, Janet Bernstein has announced her company’s rebranding and expansion, from a solo-woman business to a team of five professional organizers, one informational technology expert, and one professional photo organizer under the new name, ‘The Organizing Professionals, LLC®.’

The company’s new team consists of Barbara Ball, who is also from the United Kingdom and is the company’s senior organizer. She previously worked for herself as a professional organizer. Gina Mehdi, Val Franklin, and Bridget James are all organizing assistants. Michael Usavage is the company’s informational technology expert and Sherrie Jenkins is the certified professional photo organizer with over 15 years of experience.

“Most professional organizers work solo,” explains Bernstein. “In formulating this company as a team of organizers, we can work faster while taking on larger, multi-faceted projects. The savings are in turn passed on to our clients.”

Every member of The Organizing Professionals team has undergone extensive training and benefits from Janet’s experience and credentials. In doing so, this insures that each Client benefits from their strong, supportive team structure.

Whether it be one team member or several organizing professionals, each works directly with individuals whose homes are in need of a better system. Their implementation of the company’s systems allows for homes and offices that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but are also perfectly organized. Studies have even noted that the average person spends 4.3 hours per week searching for papers alone, adding stress and frustration to the office, while reducing concentration and creative thinking.

Bernstein adds, “The reality is, individuals are more productive and have less stress when their space is uncluttered and well organized, whether it be a work environment or at home. We are in the business of improving people’s personal and professional lives.”

As the only multi-person organizing team in the Greater Philadelphia area, The Organizing Professionals® is happily catering to clients throughout Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. They also offer a free one-hour consultation within a 25 mile radius of Wayne, Pennsylvania for those interested in all that the company has to offer.

About the company:

Launched as a solo-business in 2006 by Penn grad, Janet Bernstein, The Organizing Professionals® is Philadelphia’s premier team of award-winning professional organizers. The company specializes in restoring order to homes and businesses throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

For media inquiries regarding The Organizing Professionals®, individuals are encouraged to contact the company’s Owner, Janet Bernstein directly at 610-331-2087 or via email at janet@theorganizingprofessionals.com. To learn more about the company and their services, please visit: www.theorganizingprofessionals.com.