Organizing the Spatially Challenged Kitchen

The Organizing Professionals

It pains me a little to say this but my kitchen storage is completely maxed out.  I can’t fit another item anywhere.  This became apparent recently when I broke my own cardinal organizing rule. “Don’t buy something for your home without first deciding where it’s going to live.” The item now lives on my kitchen island as it’s too large and heavy to go anyplace else and serves as a daily reminder (or punishment) of my lapse in judgment.

Placement strategy is key in any kitchen and even more important when you have more kitchen items than cabinet space. Here’s how we tackle the challenge (and yes, I will be heeding my own advice this time!)

  1. Get ruthless! Go through each drawer and cabinet. Take everything out and determine what you really use. Maybe, three years ago, you went through a phase of making your own pasta with that clunky contraption but now you’re content just to buy linguine in a box. It’s time to donate the machine along with your bread maker.
  2. How many do you really need? (aka. Get ruthless!) Our clients seem to transgress in three areas; mugs, mixing bowls and spatulas. Determine the quantity that makes practical sense for your household and let the others go.
  3. Install more shelving. Lower each wall cabinet shelf to its’ lowest level. For example, if you have plates on the bottom shelf, lower the shelf above so it’s as low as possible to the highest plate but still leave enough room for clearance. If you do this with each shelf you will probably find that you can add an additional two shelves in the cabinet. Measure the shelf and pop over to Lowes or contact your cabinet maker and get several cut to size. This is the most cost effective way to create space in your kitchen.
  4. Use risers where shelves are not feasible such as these from The Container Store
  5. Still struggling for space? Relocate and store any items that are seldom used to another area of your home such as the basement, garage or laundry room. If those areas are jam packed, begin with step one in that area. If your items still don’t fit after following steps one and two. It’s time to donate and let someone else enjoy them!

Happy organizing!

From all of us at The Organizing Professionals®