How to Stay Emotionally Healthy During Quarantine

The Organizing Professionals

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have contracted this virus. We wish you a speedy recovery. For the rest of us, we face several weeks of home confinement. I don’t know about you but when I stay home for longer than one day, I tend to become lethargic and unmotivated. This time I’m determined not to let that happen. Here’s my plan of action:

  1. Make a list. Create a list of all the projects you can do at home. Tasks you’ve wanted to tackle but previously never had the time to accomplish. (Mine includes decluttering my home office and organizing my digital files.)
  2. Make a second list of all the fun activities you’ve always wanted to do but for which you’ve never had the time. (My list here is significantly longer and includes several books I want to read, working on a jigsaw puzzle with my college-rebound daughter, and catching up on several TV shows.)
  3. Schedule Your Tasks. Just like you would schedule a meeting or an appointment, start scheduling these tasks on your calendar.  Make sure there’s a mix a both tasks. The items you’d rather not do (those you’ve been putting off) and the fun activities. I intend to use the fun activities as a reward for when I’ve accomplished a task from my first list. Also, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with a just a couple of small dreaded tasks, then reward yourself.  The satisfaction of accomplishing tasks plus giving yourself a reward can be highly motivating!
  4. Use the same strategy for your kids.  If you have kids at home, sit down together and draft a similar list.
  5. Create a new “At Home Timetable.” We all function better when we have a routine. Now that our regular lives have been disrupted it’s up to us to create new, temporary routines in order to preserve our and our family’s emotional well-being.

How We Can Help

We strongly believe staying productive benefits our emotional health.  To this end, we are offering virtual organizing sessions at significantly reduced rates until March 31st.

What is Virtual Organizing?

During a virtual organizing session, you will use your smart phone, tablet or computer to show us the space in need of organizing.  We provide you with a personalized action plan, organizing tips and expert advice on how to organize your space. 

These sessions provide a non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging way to keep you on task and hold you accountable so you can achieve your personal organizing goals.

If you are self-motivated and able to do the hands-on organizing independently, this is a wonderful option to keep you accountable, productive and organized during this time.

Virtual organizing sessions can be scheduled in just 1-hour (very manageable) increments with a 2-hour minimum purchase.

1-hour virtual organizing session with a member of our team = $65

5-hour virtual organizing package with a member of our team =$275

Please contact us at for more information, to schedule a session and for Janet Bernstein’s rates.

Wishing you all health and peace,

Janet Bernstein, CPO®

Owner, The Organizing Professionals®