How Evernote Changed My Life (And How It Can Change Yours)

The Organizing Professionals

My Evernote conversion occurred about four years ago.  Stuffed in the back of my junk drawer (yes, I also have one) for several years, lay a handwritten recipe for the best maple balsamic salad dressing I obtained from a restaurant in Vermont.  Frustrated with my lack of organization for something so valuable, I downloaded Evernote and my life was forever changed.

I created a notebook in the Evernote app and titled it “Recipes,” took a photo of the recipe within the Evernote app et voila! Wherever I am, on my phone, tablet or laptop I have a screenshot of the recipe.  I quickly saw how transformational this would be in both my personal and professional life.  When a friend recommends a great restaurant, it goes into the notebook I created titled “Recommended Restaurants” same goes for movies, books, wine, travel destinations, decorating ideas, all those great details we scribble on the back of napkins never to find again.

If I’m surfing the web, I can use Evernote webclipper to clip an article or page and put it into the notebook of my choice.  I can also dictate notes into Evernote and draw using the Skitch app.

I also have a notebook for each of my kids.  I have a screenshot of their health insurance cards, health records, photos of their artwork from Kindergarten so I could get rid of those large poster-size monstrosities er, I mean works of art. The list goes on.

For my business, I’m able to share notebooks with my team and with my clients.  I often take notes during an organizing session and share these with my client afterwards.  My team also has access to our “Before & After Photos” notebook and various other organizing resources that need to be shared among us.

During the summer I took my love of Evernote to a new level and studied hard to become an Evernote Certified Consultant.  This means that I am now able to train businesses on how Evernote Business can dramatically improve their productivity.  Evernote eliminates the need to email documents back and forth.  Instead, the whole team can collaborate and has access to notes, documents, photos, etc. whether they are working remotely or in the office.

Feel free to email me at if you’d like that recipe for the world’s best maple balsamic salad dressing and I’ll share the note via Evernote with a link for you to sign up and create your own free account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like a personal Evernote tutorial or if you’d like to discuss how Evernote can improve productivity in your business.

From all of us at The Organizing Professionals,