Feeling Harried This Holiday Season?

The Organizing Professionals

It’s the most wonderful time of year according to Andy Williams and The Hallmark channel. Yet, instead of much mistletoeing and your heart all glowing you are up to your ears in a frantic pace of shopping, wrapping, decorating and hosting. Have no fear, The Organizing Professionals are here spreading good cheer with our helpful Holiday hacks!

Here’s how Bridget navigates the season, “I give myself a deadline for all holiday shopping and wrapping to be completed.  This year it’s December 15th. Those last few days before the holiday can be just as special and exciting as the holiday itself, and I don’t like to be stressed with last minute gift-buying and wrapping.  When it becomes a burden/chore to do the shopping and wrapping at the end, it takes away the joy of gift-giving.”

Jill recommends using Ziploc bags to separate light strands, bows, gift tags within storage containers and small gift boxes with tissue paper to store fragile ornaments. She then donates or purges any decorations that have not been used for several years.

Anne repurposes the cardboard tubes from gift wrap to organize holiday lights. “Just put a nick in the end of the tube to hold one end of the lights, wrap the lights around the tube and put a nick at the other end of the tube to secure the last few lights and the plug.”

Tina designates one style of wrapping paper for each family member. It makes it easier to identify the recipient of each gift; plus it looks organized under the tree (and you know we like that!)

Ann suggests trimming the bottom of the trunk of a live tree about 2 feet from the top of the stand. This allows for better display of lower hanging ornaments and allows more space for gifts.

Janet takes a leaf right out of Santa’s book. “I keep a digital gift list (on Evernote) and mark down what was given to whom. This way, I never forget anyone, I have a yearly record of who got what and yes, I check it twice!”

From all of us at The Organizing Professionals, we wish you a very happy Holiday season!