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Check Out Janet’s Tips in “13 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts” from Best Life!

April 24, 2020

Do you have a little extra time on your hands now that you’re working from home because of the pandemic? If so, you might consider spending some of it on finally tackling those household projects you’ve been putting off—organizing your attic, for instance. However, when it comes to getting that particular storage space in tip-top shape, getting … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals

Check Out Janet’s Tips on “How to Clean Out a House Full of Junk” from Dumpsters!

April 20, 2020

“We advise our clients to schedule plenty of time on their calendar and pace themselves. Don’t expect to clean out your home in a single weekend. Carve out time on your calendar just as you would schedule an appointment with your doctor.” Janet Bernstein | Founder & Principal, The Organizing Professionals

The Organizing Professionals

Check Out Janet’s Tips on ‘Eco-friendly ways to de-clutter your house while self-isolating’ on 6ABC

April 8, 2020

Most of us are spending the majority of our time inside the home, and perhaps tackling a few projects around the house. From recycling to donating and other earth-friendly options in between, we want to de-clutter the right way, making sure everything that can be reused or recycled gets where it needs to go. With … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals

Check Out Janet’s Tips in Philadelphia Style’s “Organizing Your Spatially Challenged Kitchen”

December 4, 2019

No matter how big or small a home is, tackling organization is always a challenge. Although an arduous task, organization can ensure a luxurious kitchen of any size. Pristine kitchen organization shouldn’t be hindered by spatially challenged spaces, and these experts are here to help solve the trickiest kitchen needs with their keen expertise. Janet … Keep Reading »

The Organizing Professionals

Check out Janet Bernstein’s Tips for Back to School in The Philadelphia Inquirer

August 31, 2019

For parents of school-age kids, back-to-school is the start of a very cramped calendar. Gone are the freedoms of the summer. It’s time for meetings, appointments, homework help, sports carpools, and music lessons, not to mention the logistical nightmare of figuring out child care. Oh, and all the paperwork.